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Thanksgiving Traditions from The Arrow Appeal, Part 1

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The Arrow Appeal Staff

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(Editor’s Note: This is part one of a three part series where The Arrow Appeal staff talks about what types of traditions are present in their own family.)

Audrey Pilgrim, Senior Editor

Thanksgiving is a time for family, sharing, tradition, and most importantly, food. When it comes to my family we have only two real traditions, sports and food.

Each Thanksgiving my aunt gets a large list of foods that will be needed at the family gathering and then assigns each dish to a certain family member for them to make. With my large amount of first and second cousins the abundance of food needed for my family looks like a feast.

One special thing we do when it comes to serving the food is that my 89-year- old grandmother always eats first, and after her it’s first come first serve. Everyone always leaves filled up after a hearty lunch of green bean casserole, turkey, glazed ham, BBQ ribs, squash dressing, and different types of vegetables. My family’s other tradition is playing sports together as a family.

After everyone’s done eating we go outside and play corn hole, football, soccer, Frisbee, and sometimes-even softball. My aunt Sherry’s dog, Piper, even joins in on the games running and catching a tennis ball and bringing it back to you. So when it comes to my family we just want to eat good, have fun, and spend time together.

Josh Wright, Digital Editor

Thanksgiving traditions in my family are nonstop. Along with the long ride my mom and I take to Chicago every year, comes a long list of traditions that follow in a separate vehicle.

The car ride to Chicago is 12 hours. My mom and I leave out early in the morning to get there. We always stop at a place called Boomland, which is a big unique novelty store and gas station. We always stay at my grandparents’ house.

I love going to Chicago. It is home for me. The cold weather, snow and family make it a warm place to be during the holidays.

Thanksgiving preparations are a busy part of the tradition for my family. My aunt and I always go to my great uncle’s house the day before to clean for Thanksgiving dinner the next day. On Thanksgiving my mom, my aunt, and I go to my great uncle’s house early to finish cooking the food and set up for the dinner that is always scheduled for 3:00 but doesn’t start until 8:00pm every year!

When it is time for dinner, my family and I always stand in a big circle, everyone tells what they are thankful for, and pray after. There is always a huge food table with the traditional Thanksgiving food such as ham, turkey, baked macaroni, and dressing with cranberry sauce. We also have desserts such as sweet potato pie and cream cheese pie.

After dinner, we always pick our grab bag – or as some people know it – “Secret Santa” for Christmas. We write our names and list of items we’d like to have for Christmas on a sheet of paper in order to give the person an idea of what to buy. We reach in the bag without looking to see which person we get. The kids are in one bag, and the grown ups in another. All my cousins or the “kids” are in their twenties, but we are still in the same bag as a way of keeping the tradition.

After we finish grab bag, we do karaoke for an hour laughing, singing, and dancing. We also have intense scrabble matches and spades games. My uncle and I always go back and forth on the piano. He always tries to teach me a new technique of playing. At the end of the night, which is very late, we wrap up the leftovers, clean up the kitchen, and put everything back where it was. When it is time to leave, everyone hugs each other, and then we leave.

The list of traditions is long for my family during the Thanksgiving holiday. I would compare it to a scratched record that keeps playing the same thing every year, but instead of it being annoying, I love every moment of the repeated verse.

Micah Gibbs, Staff Writer

Thanksgiving is a time where family bonds in ways they could never bond in a regular get together. Thanksgiving is a time where everyone is kinder and it is just the best time for family members.

Growing up in the south Thanksgiving time is always a holiday were good food, good people, and good memories are made and or remembered. My family tradition is for everyone to cook a dish for the Thanksgiving dinner. Everyone will wake up in the morning we cook breakfast, and after we finish eating breakfast we begin the cooking of dinner.

The things that take more time to cook like the meat we cook the night before. My grandmother cooks her dressing that has the leftover turkey meat in the dressing. My mother cooks her famous pound cakes, and as we continue to cook the rest of the family begins to come.

My uncle brings in all this cakes and pies. What I like to cook for the family is my famous barbecue chicken. I make this chicken for lunch so everyone can have something to eat before the Thanksgiving food is done.

As the food is cooking and we are outside playing football getting ready to eat and watch the big football game you realize that you wouldn’t want to be anywhere else than right where you are.

Azia White, Staff Writer

Thanksgiving is a time for me to bond with my older brother. Every year we use Thanksgiving to watch movies and honey glazed ham.

My uncle is always outside grilling meats and vegetables while my cousins play video games in the house.

Once the food is ready, we go o my uncle’s friend house next door to eat and socialize. He also has dogs, so my brother and I play with the dogs for a while.

We use the rest of the time to watch movies in our pajamas. We usually spend the night at my uncle’s house and go shopping on black Friday the next day.

My Thanksgivings are mainly just spending time with my brother and doing the things we love the most.


Braxton Davis, Sports Writer

Every year, my family gathers at my house to celebrate Thanksgiving. My aunts arrive really early and start to cook. The food always gets done around 1:00 p.m.

While they cook, the boys and men sit down and talk about the latest sports or whatever happens to pop up during the conversation. When the ladies come into the living room, we all know its time to eat.

We gather around and bless the food and everybody starts eating. The living room is always packed because everyone wants to watch the game. All of the kids go outside and play, or they’ll go to the game room.

Once the adults have finished eating, they split up into four teams and start their Spades tournament. The tournament always lasts for hours on end. Last year, they didn’t finish until 2:00 in the morning.

As the games start to heat up, everyone in the house fills the room. Even the little kids who don’t understand what’s going on joins in to see.

Once the tournament has its winner, everyone fixes their to go plates and say their final goodbyes.

My dad and I spend the rest of the night cleaning up and always end up falling asleep on the couch.

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Thanksgiving Traditions from The Arrow Appeal, Part 1